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Wifework: What Marriage Really Means for Women

Susan Maushart

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Three-quarters of these divorces are initiated by women. Why?


In an era of equal opportunity, Susan Maushart reveals, wives still do the vast bulk of the physical and emotional work in a marriage. From counselling to toilet cleaning, strategic planning to quality control, it is wives who shoulder the double burden of childcare and man-care.

Wifework examines with devastating honesty how hard women will work to keep a marriage running, and looks fearlessly at the cost for children when they decide to stop.

This book is lucid, funny and provocative. Every woman will recognise its compelling message—and every married man will have to.

Susan Maushart
About the Author

Susan Maushart is the author of The Mask of Motherhood and Wifework, which was sold into eight territories. She is a columnist for the Australian Magazine and a Research Associate at Curtin University. Born in New York, she lives in Perth.

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288 pp
Text publication date:
7 May 2001
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Praise for Susan Maushart

‘Maushart makes a good case for attitudinal change and teases out a reasoned argument analysing how and why the institution of marriage can become distorted and made miserable by perceptions of who should or should not do what…A serious attempt to unravel the reasons why so many marriages fail today.’

‘100% honest…smart and witty.’

‘There is probably not a wife on this planet who doesn’t know exactly what Maushart means by “wifework”.’

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