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Two Afternoons in the Kabul Stadium

Two Afternoons in the Kabul Stadium: A History of Afghanistan Through Clothes, Carpets and the Camera

Tim Bonyhady

From the complete coverage of chadaris to mini-skirts, and back again. From ancient carpet designs to woven depictions of tanks and Kalashnikovs. From photographs of unveiled women to an image of horror—the execution of a kneeling woman known as Zarmeena, videoed covertly by one of the few watching women. This remarkable book provides a history of Afghanistan through the visual.

The Kabul Stadium looms large because it was there, one afternoon in August 1959, that women first appeared in western dress at a celebration of Afghanistan’s independence—a turning point, not only for women in Afghanistan’s cities but also for the country itself, symbolising its embrace of the modern. It was also there, one afternoon in November 1999, that the Taliban killed Zarmeena.

Two Afternoons in the Kabul Stadium offers both a new way of seeing Afghanistan and a new way of understanding it.

Tim Bonyhady’s books include the award-winning Good Living Street, The Colonial Earth and The Enchantment of the Long-haired Rat. He has curated two landmark exhibitions of Afghan war rugs.

Tim Bonyhady
About the Author

Professor Tim Bonyhady is one of Australia’s foremost environmental and cultural historians. His many books include Images in Opposition: Australian Landscape Painting 1801-1890, Burke and Wills: From Melbourne to Myth, Places Worth Keeping: Conservationists, Politics and Law and award winning The Colonial Earth.

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3 August 2021
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Praise for Tim Bonyhady
andTwo Afternoons in the Kabul Stadium

‘Bonyhady crafts his history through a forensic analysis of detailed sources’

‘[A]s Bonyhady’s highly engaging new book eloquently demonstrates, the rat and its history offer a fascinating lens through which to examine the history of the Australian environment and the catastrophic human and environmental impact of European invasion…[a] fascinating and often profound book’

‘This book is environmental history writing at its best’

‘Barbarism and textiles, miniskirts and chadaris. Historian Tim Bonyhady has fashioned these and countless other ingredients into an intriguing account of Afghanistan’s fiendishly complex cultural and political wars in which a leader’s choice of hat relays coded messages, and a photograph can be every bit as dangerous as a landmine.’

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    ISBN: 9781922459169
    3 August 2021
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