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The Sky in Silver Lace

The Sky in Silver Lace

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Robin Klein

Introduction by Alice Pung

The Melling family has moved from Wilgawa to the city suburb of Lacey’s Bay. There’s a new school, a new place to live and new friends to make—this is exciting, but also terrifying, especially when the first potential friend Vivienne meets is large, bold and threatening.

The Sky in Silver Lace is the third and final book in the Melling Sisters Trilogy, Robin Klein’s humorous and heartwarming tale of four girls—Grace, Heather, Cathy and Vivienne—growing up in the Australia of the 1940s.


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Robin Klein
About the Author

Robin Klein was born 28 February 1936 in Kempsey, New South Wales into a family of nine children. Leaving school at age 15, Klein worked several jobs before becoming established as a writer, having her first story published at age 16. She would go on to write more than 40 books, including Hating Alison Ashley (adapted into a feature film...

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27 February 2017
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Friendship, rural Australia, sisters, coming of age
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Praise for Robin Klein
andThe Sky in Silver Lace

‘A writer who relishes the drama of everyday life.’

‘Klein’s command of the language is masterful and her prose exquisite; welded out of poetically intricate descriptions, it displays a sprawling vocabulary and an overflowing arsenal of metaphors and images that convey precise impressions and moods…there are passages that are almost sublime.’

‘The Melling sisters — like Alcott’s March sisters and Austen’s Bennett sisters — are a quartet of girls who become women during the course of tribulation.’

‘The schemes and shenanigans of these vibrant, tenacious characters are as lively and funny as ever, their more poignant feelings as skillfully suggested. A fine sequel.’

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  • The Sky in Silver Lace
    ISBN: 9781925410631
    27 February 2017
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