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The Gargoyle

Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love.

After a horrific car accident a man lies in hospital with severe burns to almost all of his body. He endures the pain, the hideous disfigurement and the excruciating treatments to remove the dead and rotting skin only in the hope of becoming well enough to end his life.

Then Marianne Engel, sculptor of gargoyles, appears. She unravels a wild, impossible tale of a life they had together, a tale that begins with her nursing him when he was burned once before, seven hundred years ago in Germany. Weaving stories within her story—fables of love in Japan, Iceland, Italy and England—Marianne slowly brings beauty and love into his life.

The Gargoyle is a brilliant love story, sweeping across centuries and continents. When it ends you’ll want to read it again.

Andrew Davidson
About the Author

Andrew Davidson was born in Manitoba and graduated in 1995 with a BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia. He has worked and lived in Japan on and off for several years, teaching English and writing English lessons for Japanese websites. The Gargoyle is his first book. He lives in Manitoba, Canada.

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11 May 2009
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Praise for Andrew Davidson
andThe Gargoyle

The Gargoyle is purely and simply an amazement, a riot, a blast…What a great, grand treat.’

‘I was blown away by The Gargoyle…A hypnotic, horrifying, astonishing novel that manages, against all odds, to be redemptive.’

‘Once launched into this intense tale of unconventional romance, few readers will want to put it down.’

‘I dare you to read this without flinching. It’s as engrossing as it is gruesome, the kind of horror you watch with one eye closed…nothing is certain in this swirling novel of tales and legends…Nothing he—or you—can assume about this spectacularly imaginative journey will help navigate its twists and turns. Before it’s all over, like Dante before him, our narrator must visit Hades, and like every chapter of The Gargoyle, that’s a hell of a story, too.’

‘Astoundingly good debut…It’s a book that defies easy categorisation, which is a very good thing for the reader because it’s a book that compels with originality and surprise. … Is Marianne crazy or not? It is Davidson’s skill that this matters not—whether you suspend your disbelief or not, he still manages to grab you and take you on a magnificently researched, exotic journey across centuries and space and timeless emotions in a sprawling book that is different, new and exciting.’

‘The real tragedy of this book is that it ends.’

‘An epic page-turner. Davidson’s writing is so vivid and graphic, it will give you the chills.’

‘Difficult to put down and more difficult to forget.’

The Gargoyle is an epic tale about the transformative power of love , redemption through suffering, the power of creativity and the enduring nature of great literature. It’s an intense and fulfilling read and the sort of book you feel compelled to keep reading because you have to know what happens , but at the same time you don’t really want it to end. You’ll probably have to start at the beginning again once you’ve finished.’

The Gargoyle creeps up on you, bit by bit, until you’re enclosed. There’s no escape; you become deceived and delighted by the left and right turns and a well-disguised straight-ahead.‘

‘A spectacular achievement…wild, imaginative, bold, mystical.’

‘Seductive…The free-range erudition of books like Possession and The Name of the Rose come to mind. Mr. Davidson binds them together with vigorous and impressive narrative skill.’

‘A big, bold novel, a metaphysical mystery that reads like a thriller, its narrative flashing from modern trailer parks to 14th-century Germany.’

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