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The Finder

When Lindsay meets Elias the signs aren’t promising. She’s a grungy introvert who doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He’s a teen fashionista who can’t shut the hell up.

But since Lindsay tracked down a runaway kid, word’s got around that she knows how to find people. And Elias is looking for his birth mother. And he has money, and Lindsay’s perpetually broke… So that’s how this oddest of odd couples teams up.

But the thing is, Lindsay wasn’t actually trying to find the runaway. It’s just how she looks at the world. Not idly, like most people, but really looking. Scanning every house, every face, every car. That’s because someone is missing in Lindsay’s life: her identical twin Frankie, who disappeared when they were eight. Since then, her parents have kept themselves busy. And angry. And Lindsay has been…looking.

In Elias, despite their differences, she might have found someone to look with. 


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Kate Hendrick
About the Author

Kate Hendrick is a high school Visual Arts and Photography teacher whose first novel The Accident was published by Text in 2013. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two children.

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Text publication date:
30 July 2018
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dealing with grief, self-acceptance, road trip, family
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Praise for Kate Hendrick
andThe Finder

‘An insightful writer of young adult fiction.’

‘Conveys the emotional turmoil of adolescence…an intense and emotional story.’

‘The writing is powerful and insightful, without being maudlin or cliched…it’s perfect for those looking to sink into something thought-provoking and meaty.’

‘Kate Hendrick’s characters are perfectly flawed, and their vulnerability makes them easy to connect with. She expertly captures the essence of teenage behaviour, delivering the moodiness, sarcasm, helplessness and confusion in such an exquisite way that it transports the reader right into the mind of a teen.’

‘[The Accident] emulates some of the grittier work of writers like John Marsden.’

‘This is a story of our time…A satisfying read.’

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  • The Finder
    ISBN: 9781925626780
    30 July 2018
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