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The Enigmatic Mr Deakin

The Enigmatic Mr Deakin

Judith Brett

  • awardWinner, National Biography Award, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, NSW Premier's Literary Awards: Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, Queensland Literary Award: Non-Fiction Book Award, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, Queensland Literary Award: History Book Award, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, NSW Premier's History Awards: Australian History Prize, 2018
  • awardLonglisted, Kibble Literary Award for an established author, 2018
  • awardLonglisted, Nib Waverley Library Literary Award, 2018
  • awardLonglisted, CHASS Australia Book Prize, 2018
  • awardCommended, Magarey Medal for Biography, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, Ernest Scott Prize, 2019
  • Alfred Deakin—scholar, spiritualist, prime minister—was instrumental in creating modern Australia. In the first biography of Deakin in more than half a century, the acclaimed political historian Judith Brett deftly weaves together his public, private and family lives. She brings out from behind the image of a worthy, bearded father of federation the principled and passionate, gifted and eccentric figure whose legacy continues to shape the contours of the nation’s politics.


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    Judith Brett
    About the Author

    Judith Brett is the author of Robert Menzies’ Forgotten People and emeritus professor of politics at La Trobe University. The Enigmatic Mr Deakin won the 2018 National Biography Award, and was shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, NSW Premier’s History Awards and Queensland Literary Awards.

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    26 February 2018
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    Praise for Judith Brett
    andThe Enigmatic Mr Deakin

    ‘A biography of immense power that will restore Deakin to his proper place in the national imagination: the mystic politician who gave us Australia.’

    ‘Judith Brett has resurrected a gallant democrat just when democracy seems most in need of redemption. This is a deeply engrossing portrait of a hero for our times, a complex, charismatic man with a unique capacity to build, to lead, to speak and to dream. Masterful, tender and utterly compelling.’

    ‘A fresh, revealing and insightful portrait of one of the great figures who shaped Australia.’

    ‘This excellent biography will appeal to general readers, students and anyone interested in historical biography.’ 

    ‘Brett is a gifted interpreter of politics, past and present, and a sensitive reader of people, individually and en masse. That she has been able to encompass The Enigmatic Mr Deakin in fewer than 500 pages, compared with double that of most “landmark” biographies, attests to a rare kind of writerly judgment: for discerning where the story lies and, crucially, for knowing what can be left out.’

    ‘Truly one of the great political biographies of our time, a delicately nuanced, warm and insightful account of—my personal misgiving aside—one of the most noteworthy political figures in Australian history.’

    The Enigmatic Mr Deakin stands as the culmination of her work on the history, politics and philosophy of Australian liberals, and it is the one biography of Deakin to which we will repeatedly return. Brett’s writing is capable of extraordinary clarity, insight and compassion.’

    ‘This is a fine biography—accessible, perceptive, and in the best way, sympathetic. Deakin has found the interpreter he deserves for a modern audience…If our politicians still read books—and sometimes one does wonder—Judith Brett’s new biography should be required reading.’

    ‘A significant contribution to biography and political history that is beautifully written and full of interest.’

    ‘Impressive…Brett displays an acute understanding of the intricacies of parliament and the political and policy issues of Deakin’s time…The Enigmatic Mr Deakin has a lively prose style that shows a deep understanding of its perplexing subject. It is a fine book, and especially timely given the depressing state of modern politics.’

    ‘Accessible and informative, this style of biography layers facts over questions that draw in readers curious about what makes human beings do the things we do. This is a biography for our times.’

    ‘Judith Brett has rounded out Alfred Deakin in this fascinating biography that is a delight to read.’

    ‘For sympathy and insight, Judith Brett’s The Enigmatic Mr Deakin is a welcome contribution to analysis of Australian politics. A difficult subject, often deliberately elusive, is captured with skill. Through close and compelling reading of Deakin’s private writing, Brett brings to life his political thinking and spiritual wrestling. An important book.’

    The Enigmatic Mr Deakin explores our second prime minister’s career with full attention to his intense inner life and family relationships. Her title points to the puzzles, but Brett doesn’t simplify; she ponders, suggests, dramatises. Closely observed and psychologically persuasive, this is more than a life-and-times; it is a life.’

    ‘Judith Brett’s excellent The Enigmatic Mr Deakin introduces this Federation-era giant to a modern audience: a timely reminder of the achievements and failings of a century ago, and perfect summer reading for any Australian politician whose aspirations rise above seat-warming.’

    ‘Judith Brett achieves something rare in political biography: a synthesis of the public life with the beliefs, doubts, private struggles, and spiritual inquiry that made The Enigmatic Mr Deakin our most intriguing prime minister.’

    ‘In this engrossing and quietly profound biography, Judith Brett brings Deakin back into Australia’s contemporary political imagination, so we can better understand how he shaped the country we live in today…In this age of increasingly polarised politics, Brett’s book is at once a warm portrait of a great politician and a sharp provocation to today’s leaders to forge a better way.’

    ‘A woman’s eye on a powerful man has never felt so penetrating, perceptive and, surprisingly, loving.’

    ‘A richly rewarding excursion into the private mind and emotions but also into the public life and times of a remarkable individual, full of surprising detail and profound observations about the Australian polity…Among the very best political biographies written in Australia.’

    ‘This book is a window into a time of growth and democratisation, of shifting allegiances towards the common benefit of nationhood.’

    ‘What makes Brett’s book so rewarding to read is its confident, supple writing style, intelligent inter-posing of political events with Deakin’s inner psychic turmoil and shifts in the wider world; mastery of the facts, and capacity to bring her own balance to understanding a man who was, as she pointed out, enigmatic.’

    ‘Judith Brett has proven the perfect biographer…’

    ‘A fascinating study of the politics and the times…it brings to life the history and moments of decision, as well as the paths not taken. It has much to offer the thinkers of today.’

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      14 August 2017
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