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The Dog Fence

The Dog Fence: A Journey Across the Heart of Australia

James Woodford

  • award* Shortlisted, Westfield–Waverley Library Award
  • At 5400 kilometres, the Dog Fence is one of the longest man-made structures on Earth. It slices across Australia’s desert heart, dividing the continent to keep dingoes away from livestock.

    Bestselling author James Woodford embarks on a journey to follow its length, travelling some of the loneliest and harshest country in the world. He begins on a clifftop overlooking the Great Australian Bight and ends in the foothills of Queensland’s Bunya Mountains. He meets many of the remarkable people who maintain this amazing barrier as he passes through rocket ranges, nuclear test areas, sacred sites and places where nineteenth-century explorers perished.

    The Dog Fence is an enthralling account of a most unusual journey over sand, gibber plains and salt lakes. It is about the hazards of travel, the lessons of history and the passion and resilience of the men and women on the land.

    James Woodford
    About the Author

    James Woodford is a science and environment writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 1996 he won the Eureka Prize for environmental journalism, and was awarded the prestigious Michael Daley prize for science journalism in 1996 and 1997. His hugely entertaining book on wombats, The Secret Life of Wombats, won the Royal Zoological Society of NSW...

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    5 July 2004
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    Praise for James Woodford
    andThe Dog Fence

    ‘This is a book about more than mending fences. That is why it is so unexpectedly nourishing.’

    ‘For anyone who loves the Australian bush, this book is irresistible.’

    ‘A graphic and compelling account of one of the world’s most bizarre yet least-known structures…What makes Woodford such a good reporter is his ceaseless curiosity…This book is the result. Superb, detailed, insightful and intensely human, it deals with events remote from most of our lives yet manages to tell us about ourselves and our complex relationship with a still mysterious, ancient land.’

    ‘Award-winning author James Woodford follows the fence on an epic journey through some of the loneliest and harshest country in the world.…A thrilling account of a little known Australia, this is a funny, warm and compelling tale of the outback, bushmen and wildlife.’

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