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The Dead Still Cry Out

The Dead Still Cry Out: The Story of a Combat Cameraman

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis was just a child when she found an old suitcase hidden in a cupboard at home. Inside it were the most horrifying photographs she’d ever seen—a record of the atrocities committed at Bergen-Belsen. They belonged to her father, Mike, a British paratrooper and combat cameraman who had filmed the camp’s liberation.
The child of Jewish refugees, Mike had grown up in London’s East End and experienced antisemitism firsthand in the England of the 1930s. Those first images of the Nazis’ crimes, shot by Mike Lewis and others like him, shocked the world.In The Dead Still Cry Out, his daughter Helen uses photographs and film stills to reconstruct Mike’s early life and experience of the war, while exploring broader questions too: what it means to belong; how history and memory are shaped—and how anyone can deny the Holocaust in the face of such powerful evidence.

Helen Lewis
About the Author

Helen Lewis is a writer, editor and researcher who was born in the UK and moved to Australia when she was twenty-one. She lives in the hinterland of Eden, New South Wales, where she indulges her love of gardening.

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28 May 2018
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WWII, holocaust, Bergen-Belsen, war photography
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Praise for Helen Lewis
andThe Dead Still Cry Out

‘This mesmerising account of a daughter’s quest to recreate her father’s life as a combat cameraman sharpens our focus on what it means to bear witness to the unprecedented horrors of the Holocaust and its imprint on human history.’

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