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Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Morgan Callan Rogers

Twelve-year-old Florine Gilham lives in a fishing village on the coast of Maine with her parents in what would appear to be an idyllic situation – on the waters in a harbour, where she and her friends run wild in the nearby pine woods and along the rocky shores. But in August of 1963, Carlie, Florine’s mother, disappears without a trace, and Florine and her grief-stricken father must move on with their lives, even as the mystery of what might have happened plagues them.

Both nurtured and hindered by those she has always known, Florine must find her way to young adulthood while clinging to the hope that her mother will return and her life, as she knew it, will continue. Written in the voice of a feisty young heroine and filled with the dry wit that people on the coast of Maine are famous for, Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea is an amazing debut novel written by native Morgan Callan Rogers.

Morgan Callan Rogers
About the Author

Morgan Callan Rogers grew up in the ship-building city of Bath, Maine near the rugged coastline and beautiful wild beaches. She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in English, then, about twenty years later, graduated again, with a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. In between, she held a variety of...

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320 pp
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30 January 2012
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Praise for Morgan Callan Rogers
andRed Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Rendered first-person in confiding, colloquial prose … [like] the bittersweet coming-of-age movies (see: Stand By Me, The Last Picture Show) that don’t get made much anymore.

Deeply moving … Callan Rogers writes with a superb sense of place and period, delving deftly into true-to-life responses to unexplained loss… A realistic and resonant coming-of-age novel.

Callan Rogers ’ astonishing debut brilliantly illuminates deep loss, impossible longing, and our yearning to hold onto love no matter what, all told in the lake-clear voice of one remarkable young heroine. So rapturously moving, I could barely bring myself to close the final page.

Rich in landscape and character, with regional dialect and phrases that will tip many mouths into grins.

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    ISBN: 9781921921285
    30 January 2012
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