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My Year of Meats

When documentary maker Jane Takagi-Little finally lands a job producing a Japanese television show that just happens to be sponsored by an American meat-exporting business, she uncovers some unsavoury truths about love, fertility, and a dangerous hormone called DES. Soon she will also cross paths with Akiko Ueno, a beleaguered Japanese housewife struggling to escape her overbearing husband. And the battle with ‘big beef’ will be on in earnest.

Ruth Ozeki’s much-loved debut novel, winner of the Kirayama Prize for Literature of the Pacific Rim, represents the entertaining face of ecological activism. It will delight fans of Michael Pollan, Margaret Atwood and Barbara Kingsolver.

Ruth Ozeki
About the Author

Ruth Ozeki was born and raised in Connecticut by an American father and a Japanese mother. She is a novelist, filmmaker and Zen Buddhist priest whose books have garnered international acclaim. Her first two novels, My Year of Meats (1998) and All Over Creation (2003), have been translated into eleven languages and published in fourteen...

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24 July 2013
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Praise for Ruth Ozeki
andMy Year of Meats

‘Ruth Ozeki masks a deeper purpose a light tone…A comical-satirical-farcical-epical-tragical-romantical novel.’

‘A joy to read.’

‘Wonderfully wild and bracing…A feast that leaves you hungry for whatever Ozeki cooks up next.’

‘Romance, agri-business, self-discovery, cross-cultural misunderstanding—it takes a talent like RuthOzeki’s to blend all these ingredients beautifully together. My Year of Meats is a sensitive and compelling portrait of two modern women.’

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  • My Year of Meats
    ISBN: 9781922148568
    7 March 2013
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