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Maxwell's Demon

This autumn, life is catching up with struggling novelist Thomas Quinn.

Five years ago, his mentor, Andrew Black, wrote a mystery novel that sold a million copies—and then he disappeared. Could it be that Quinn is being stalked by the hero of Black’s book? His wife, Imogen, usually has the answers, but she’s working on the other side of the world and talking to her on webcam just isn’t the same.

Quinn finds himself in a world that might well be coming apart at the seams. If he could find Black, he might be able to discover the truth.

Steven Hall
About the Author

Steven Hall’s debut novel, The Raw Shark Texts, won the Somerset Maugham Award and was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. It was an international bestseller and has been translated into over thirty languages. Hall was also the lead writer on the bestselling video game Battlefield 1, which sold over 3 million copies in its first week of...

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16 February 2021
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Praise for Steven Hall
andMaxwell’s Demon

‘I enjoyed Maxwell’s Demon a great deal. Anyone who enjoyed The Raw Shark Texts will be delighted.’

‘Labyrinthine, mind-twisting and deliciously diabolical, yet also unexpectedly warm-hearted. Maxwell’s Demon is fantastic.’

‘A cracking detective story that seems to be investigating its own existence. Hall explores that rich border zone that lies between fiction and non-fiction, and does it with verve and a playful, adventurous spirit. A unique voice in exploratory fiction.’

‘Clever, exciting, funny and moving.’

‘If Paul Auster and Haruki Murakami collaborated on Moby Dick crossed with The Wizard of Oz, they might produce something like Hall’s deliriously ambitious debut, which mixes profound themes with playful plot twists…A narrative feat of hallucinatory imagination.’

‘A cult in the making.’

‘A fast, sharp-toothed work of genius. This is Moby Dick meets Jorge Luis Borges by way of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. An instant classic.’

‘Dazzlingly clever, wickedly playful, devastatingly poignant.’

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  • Maxwell's Demon
    ISBN: 9781921921490
    16 February 2021
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