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Marsh and Me

Marsh and Me

Martine Murray

  • awardShortlisted, Book of the Year: Younger Readers, CBCA, 2018
  • There’s a hill out the back of Joey’s house. Hardly anyone goes there—it’s not a beautiful place, just a covered-over old rubbish tip. But Joey likes it up there. It’s his hill—somewhere he likes to go to wonder about life. He longs to be the best at something, to be a famous astronaut, or mountain climber, to stand out.

    When Joey discovers a tree house in an old peppercorn tree on the hill, he is annoyed that someone has invaded his special place. But he is also curious about who the intruder could be. But making contact isn’t easy. The tree-house girl is wild and hostile and full of secrets—Joey needs to work out a way to win her over. And as he does, he finds a way to shine.

    Marsh and Me is a story about friendship and trust and learning to believe in yourself and what makes you special. Martine Murray’s beautifully rounded characters, with all their self-doubts, yearnings and wise insights, will delight readers young and old.

    Martine Murray talks about her inspiration for MARSH AND ME


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    Martine Murray
    About the Author

    Martine Murray was born in Melbourne and now lives in Castlemaine in Victoria. She is an award-winning children’s novelist and illustrator. The Last Summer of Ada Bloom is her first novel for adults.

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    3 July 2017
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    music, friendship, overcoming fear, cultural differences
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    Praise for Martine Murray
    andMarsh and Me

    ‘Molly and Pim is wild, whimsical and wonderful. It makes you fall in love with the world and everyone in it.’

    ‘Here is a middle-grade novel that sees beauty and magic in the environment around us, and celebrates seeds of friendship which grow deep roots. I loved this charming and whimsical novel, and young readers will too!’

    ‘Warm and wise for middle-grade readers who appreciate just a hint of the fantastic.’

    ‘This is a story of an unlikely friendship, a common theme in children’s books, but one that feels refreshing due to how nice these children are. Martine Murray captures sadness without wallowing in it…Joey and Marsh’s story is both reassuring and encouraging for children aged eight and up.’

    ‘A cute and quirky middle-grade novel about imagination, unlikely friendships and music.’

    Marsh and Me is a stirring coming-of-age story with a wonderful main character. Murray is a master of telling gentle stories, exploring the small worries and victories of daily life, revealing magic in the mundane.’ 

    ‘This is a gentle and tender story of finding yourself, finding new friends and finding your voice. It’s for anyone who has a song hidden within them.’

    ‘The novel’s strength is in its ability to reveal to a child reader that despite our multicultural community, children from ethnic minorities can still struggle with issues of identity…This is a book that could be a casual read or a whole unit of study.’ 

    ‘Murray pulls at the heartstrings as the life of the little girl from Serbia is revealed. Joey is the sort of boy we would all be proud of. Together they make convincing and interesting characters in a story for those sensitive primary school readers who are prepared to think about what they would do in the circumstances Murray creates. This is a touching story of two children finding each other.’

    ‘This is a glorious book. It’s a work that feels as if it has been written from the heart of a talented author who works between the intellect of situations using words that bring insight and rapport immediately to the reader…Murray is a master of delivering wonderful writing when it means most.’

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