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Land of Fences

There are lights on the horizon. Electricity. Order. A return to civilisation.

After three years cut off, living by their wits in the bush, Finn and Kas might at last find a life without danger and threat.

But the tracking device beneath Kas’s skin begins to buzz—she can’t ignore that she is a Siley, a slave, and will never be free. And when the search parties arrive, with brutal force, Finn and Kas face a new reality—a world divided by fences, a world where they can’t be together.

But after everything they’ve been through, they’re not about to play by the rules.


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Mark Smith
About the Author

Mark Smith lives on Victoria’s Surf Coast, where he writes novels and stories, and runs outdoor-education programs for young adults. His second novel, Wilder Country, won the 2018 Indie Book Award for Young Adults.

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4 June 2019
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Praise for Mark Smith
andLand of Fences

‘An epic story of survival, fast-paced action and characters we really care about.’

‘Packed with heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping, nail-biting action. I couldn’t put it down.’

‘An unmissable series.’

‘A riveting story of survival that questions the prices of freedom and safety as well as the value of an individual life…A breakout new series full of romance, danger, and a surprisingly engaging world.’

‘Tense and atmospheric…Mark Smith’s debut is assured, gripping and leaves you wanting more.’

‘A page-turner told in an unaffected, Australian voice.’

‘With this final instalment, Smith has comfortably staked out his own territory. Land of Fences is an exhilarating conclusion to a massively entertaining series.’

‘Smith cleverly parallels life in Australia today with what it could be, with increased suspicion of smaller groups and people who are different…A shockingly good dystopian story, it has warning of what will happen when societies become xenophobic, insular and inward looking.’

‘One of the triumphs of Land of Fences is Mark Smith’s ability to keep his readers engaged and on edge, always wondering what will happen next…[which] is balanced through Smith’s intricate portrayal of love, friendship and moral courage.’

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