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Holden's Performance

Holden’s Performance is the sprawling tale of Holden Shadbolt, a guileless and matter-of-fact man, as he passes through the cities and landscapes of Australia. He follows the flamboyant people around him—ex-Corporal Frank ‘Bloodnut’ McBee who woos Holden’s mother; his uncle Vern, a shortsighted proof-reader with a weakness for eating newspaper with his breakfast cereal; and the crippled artist Harriet, whose twists and curves intersect Holden’s own unswervingly straight lines.

Murray Bail
About the Author

Murray Bail lives in Sydney. His first book, The Drover’s Wife and Other Stories, was published in 1975. He has won numerous awards, including the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Miles Franklin Literary Award for Eucalyptus. His most recent book is He.

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Text publication date:
3 May 1999
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Praise for Murray Bail
andHolden’s Performance

‘A splendidly pulsating mass of loony entrepreneurs, crackpot philosophers, Egyptian landladies, ex-Battle of Britain skywriters, the man who stole the statues from Centennial Park, all chugging around the nation from one bizarre household to the next demented institution.’

‘Superbly written; extraordinarily wide-ranging and inventive.’

‘A work of dazzling imagination.’

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    4 December 2011
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