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Robbie Arnott

  • awardShortlisted, Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction, 2019
  • awardLonglisted, Indie Book Awards for Debut Fiction, 2019
  • awardShortlisted, MUD Literary Club, Adelaide Writers' Week, 2019
  • awardShortlisted, UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing, NSW Premier's Literary Awards, 2019
  • awardShortlisted, Queensland Literary Awards: University of Queensland Fiction Book Award, 2018
  • awardShortlisted, Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction, 2018
  • awardLonglisted, ALS Gold Medal, 2019
  • awardLonglisted, Miles Franklin Literary Award, 2019
  • awardShortlisted, Katheen Mitchell Award, 2019
  • ‘A strange and joyous marvel.’ Richard Flanagan

    A young man named Levi McAllister decides to build a coffin for his twenty-three-year-old sister, Charlotte—who promptly runs for her life. A water rat swims upriver in quest of the cloud god. A fisherman named Karl hunts for tuna in partnership with a seal. And a father takes form from fire.

    The answers to these riddles are to be found in this tale of grief and love and the bonds of family, tracing a journey across the southern island that takes us full circle.

    Flames sings out with joy and sadness. Utterly original in conception, spellbinding in its descriptions of nature and its celebration of the power of language, it announces the arrival of a thrilling new voice in contemporary fiction.

    Robbie Arnott chosen as a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist
    Read an extract from Flames in Kill Your Darlings
    Watch Robbie Arnott on ABC’s Gruen Transfer (00:25:00) 


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    (Miles Franklin longlist)
    Guardian, ‘From cow stories to the history of humanity: what you should read in May’ 
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    Kill Your Darlings (June 19) 
    Mercury ($), (Jul 18)


    2SER’s Tuesday Book Club, Jul 18
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    Robbie Arnott
    About the Author

    Robbie Arnott was born in Launceston in 1989. His writing has appeared in Island, the Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings and the 2017 anthology Seven Stories. He won the 2015 Tasmanian Young Writers’ Fellowship and the 2014 Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers. Robbie lives in Hobart and is an advertising copywriter.

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    Text publication date:
    30 April 2018
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    Grief, Australian fiction, Tasmanian fiction, myth & fable
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    Praise for Robbie Arnott

    ‘A strange and joyous marvel.’

    ‘Ambitious storytelling from a stunning new Australian voice. Flames is constantly surprising—I never knew where the story would take me next. This book has a lovely sense of wonder for the world. It’s brimming with heart and compassion.’

    ‘Robbie Arnott is a vivid and bold new voice in Australian fiction.’

    ‘Visionary, vivid, full of audacious transformations: there’s a marvellous energy to this writing that returns the world to us aflame. A brilliant and wholly original debut.’

    ‘Arnott skilfully switches between different voices and genres in a trick reminiscent of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. The range he displays is impressive, swinging from fable to gothic horror to hardboiled detective story.’

    Flames is an exuberantly creative and confident debut. This is a story that sparks with invention…Invigorating, strange and occasionally brutal.’

    ‘This is the kind of book that you’ll be able to read a second, third, even fourth time, and it will still never reveal all its secrets. Composed with meticulous attention to detail, and a mastery of form rarely found in a debut novel, Flames will keep you stewing long after you’ve finished reading it.’

    ‘Poignant and beautifully written…Richly detailed…A stunning homage to Tasmania…A deep and powerful reflection on what it is to be human and how we navigate the ravages of loss. I haven’t read a more unique debut Australian work in a very long time and was mesmerised by the story. It took hold of me from the first page and had me captivated until the end. Such is the uniqueness of Arnott’s voice and his effortless ability to combine an eclectic mix of genres into a potent narrative, this story sings and continues to resonate long after finishing. It was as if I had been drawn into the Tasmanian bush myself.’

    ‘A surprising story with a definite feminist edge…the novel’s playfulness and poetry make for a fresh and entertaining read.’

    ‘The key triumph of Flames is bringing Australia’s southern island state to vivid life, characterising it as a robust survivor shaped by the extremes of fire and flood.’

    ‘Arnott confidently borrows from the genres of crime fiction, thriller, romance, comedy, eco-literature, and magical realism, throws them in the air, and lets the pieces land to form a flaming new world.’

    ‘This is a startlingly good first novel, stylistically adventurous, gorgeous in its descriptions and with a compelling narrative that should find a wide readership.’

    ‘It will be immediately apparent to anyone even vaguely familiar with Tasmania that Arnott is on intimate terms with his island, and his exquisite descriptive prose definitely does this gem of a place justice…More please, Mr Arnott.’

    ‘A gloriously audacious book. It runs astonishing risks and takes on the biggest emotions…It bowled me sideways.’

    ‘Unique and memorable…Extraordinary energy…A rich and memorable picture with prose of an exceptionally high quality. You won’t read another Australian literary novel like this anytime soon.’

    ‘An extremely evocative and imaginative work…Undeniably powerful…it is refreshing to see the Australian landscape written about so vividly.’

    ‘The quirkiness of the characters—a staple of novels set in small-town Australia—allows for good-natured humour as well as biting satire, but it’s the mythic qualities of this novel that make it special. It’s as if Arnott has invented a whole mythology that is all our very own. If you like the fiction of Jane Rawson, I think you will like this one too.’

    ‘[A] novel you will want to read more than once, not so much to plumb its depths as to savour its wild variety of styles and voices, to revel in its breathtaking descriptions of Tasmanian wilderness and to grasp its intricate structure…There is no doubt that a poetically wild and wicked imagination is at work here. More please!’

    ‘It’s not hard to see where the hype came from. This is an assured, funny and highly imaginative work. Flames is strange from the first, arresting sentence.’

    ‘Highly innovative…[A] finely built and realised first novel.’

    ‘An Australian literary fabulist classic – well, it certainly deserves to be.’

    Flames is brilliant…Enjoy it for its prose poetry, its vivid imagery, its brilliant turns of phrase on nearly every page.’

    Flames is a spectacular novel; exciting and spirited, overflowing with imagination. Arnott invites us in to a thrilling new world where everything may look familiar, but there are magical surprises to be discovered around every corner.’

    ‘Ingenious and mythical, this Tasmanian adventure will move and inspire you.’

    ‘Delightful. He jumps playfully between different writing styles in every chapter…[An] enchanting story that also captures something very real about Tasmanian life.’

    ‘Intricately structured and stylistically adventurous.’

    ‘Full of wondrous descriptions of the Tasmanian wilderness, Flames is an amazing and singular work of imagination. While it touches on universal themes of love, loss and grief, Arnott’s startlingly original and luminous prose make this an unforgettable novel.’

    ‘[A] wonderful novel that contains all sorts of oddities’

    ‘[A]n engrossing narrative of mystery and escape that treats the reader to bravura runs of writing, especially around the elements of water and fire … you never quite know which direction the story will take off in as it creates a new kind of fairytale for our fire-prone landscape’

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    • Flames
      ISBN: 9781925626568
      30 April 2018
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