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New York Times–bestselling author Marissa Meyer concludes her young-adult retelling of Rumpelstiltskin in Cursed, the sequel to Gilded.

Serilda and Gild attempt to break the curses that tether their spirits to Adalheid’s haunted castle before the Endless Moon, when the Erlking means to capture one of the seven gods and make a wish to return his lover, Perchta, from the underworld. But the Erlking doesn’t want just one god – he wants to capture all seven and force them to bring down the veil that keeps the Dark Ones separate from the land of the mortals. Serilda and Gild must try to thwart his plans, all while solving the mystery of Gild’s forgotten name, freeing his younger sister who is trapped inside Gravenstone Castle, and protecting their unborn child.

Romance, adventure and Serilda’s journey to finding her power as a woman, a mother and a partner make this a retelling that Meyer fans – old and new – will treasure.

Marissa Meyer
About the Author

Marissa Meyer is the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of the Lunar Chronicles—Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, Winter—the New York Times–bestselling Renegades trilogy, as well as the graphic novel Wires and Nerve. Her first standalone novel, Heartless, was also a #1 New York Times bestseller. Her contemporary romance, Instant Karma, was a #1...

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15 November 2022
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Praise for Marissa Meyer

‘Utterly immersive and captivating…I cannot bear the wait for the next instalment.’

‘A compulsive read, and as bewitchingly good as you’d expect from a bestselling YA author. You will stay up all night reading this.’

‘Opening the cover of this book is akin to entering a portal into an ethereal realm, into which the audience is drawn deeply by its exquisite descriptions and unlikely romance.’

‘This is an intriguing retelling, with a modern twist, of the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale…The cliff-hanging denouement promises a sequel.’

‘When it comes to reimagined fairy tales, the reigning queen of the genre is Marissa Meyer…This dark, enchanting book is Meyer at the height of her powers — crafting a new tale with an old-school feel where nobody is guaranteed a happily-everafter. It is fresh and utterly engrossing while also familiar — just what Meyer does best.’

‘A gorgeously intricate tale that will have readers locked in from the start…Meyer weaves an enchanting tale filled with whimsically magical moments and some serious suspense. [She] knows how to capture fantastical worlds, and this one is pure perfection for her fans and new readers alike.’

‘Intricate worldbuilding and star-crossed romance help temper the Erlking’s brutality, and…well-drawn characters will leave readers craving a sequel.’

‘Meyer flips tradition with a simple question: What if the king whom the miller’s daughter marries is the villain, and Rumpelstiltskin is her only way out?…The queen of fairy tale retellings has spun what is sure to be another best seller.’

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  • Cursed
    ISBN: 9781922791139
    15 November 2022
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