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Cold Fear

Translated by Charlotte Barslund

A thrilling new novel from the author of The Girl Without Skin.

When Danish Journalist Matthew Cave’s half-sister Arnaq disappears, leaving behind only a trail of blood, he realises they are both pawns in a game of life and death.

As a young US soldier stationed in Greenland, their father took part in a secret experiment with deadly consequences. Accused of murder, he was forced into hiding.

Desperate to discover the link between these two disappearances, Matthew is joined by Tupaarnaq, a young Inuit woman, who returns to Nuuk to help her only friend—and to settle a few scores of her own.

But, as things begin to unravel, Matthew begins to wonder: Is the father he has been searching for his entire life actually a cold-blooded murderer? And is Tupaarnaq really who he thinks she is?

Mads Peder Nordbo
About the Author

Mads Peder Nordbo is Danish but has lived in Greenland for several years and works at the town hall in Nuuk. He holds degrees in literature, communications and philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Stockholm. He is the author of five novels; his two latest books will published in eighteen languages. The Girl...

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About the Translator

Charlotte Barslund is a Scandinavian translator. She has translated novels by Peter Adolphsen, Mikkel Birkegaard, Thomas Enger, Karin Fossum, Steffen Jacobsen, Carsten Jensen and Per Petterson, as well as a wide range of classic and contemporary plays. She lives in the UK.

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Text publication date:
1 October 2019
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Praise for Mads Peder Nordbo
andCold Fear

‘A very satisfying thriller. Packed to the brim with grisly murders, corrupt officials, and sinister secrets, all set against the bleak, yet oddly beautiful, Greenlandic landscape, the bar has certainly been set quite high for the series to come.’

‘Mads Peder Nordbo brings a sense of wonder to the frozen wastes of Greenland…we are totally hooked.’

‘This intricate crime novel mixes a grisly plot with interesting insights into Greenland’s history and culture.’

‘While there are similarities to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series, Nordbo’s writing is far more poetic. Though dazzled by the icecap’s beauty, he’s not blinded to the darkness of man.’

‘A grippingly atmospheric yarn… As danger mounts, the landscape, weather and people of the former Danish colony are piercingly observed. Chilling.’

’Offer[s] intriguing glimpses of Greenland, its relentless summer light and oppressive winter darkness. While the mystery is dramatically resolved, readers will want to learn what’s next… Fans of Nordic crime fiction have a new author to follow.’

‘A complex atmospheric and menacing read…the story is enmeshed in the culture and politics of Greenland and the relationship with Denmark…it’s a nail biting murder mystery, the action takes over and the story hurtles to a riveting denouement, but it’s also an insight into a part of the world that we don’t normally get to see.’

Fans of Scandinavian crime fiction will find this a thoroughly atmospheric, melancholy and ultra-graphic thriller that casts a socially critical eye – attributes that are all the calling cards of Nordic noir.…Greenland provides a new and interesting setting, with some of the native culture woven into the story.”

‘The real pleasure in this slice of Scandi noir is the insight it gives into the cocktail of claustrophobia and remoteness that is life in Greenland. Here, even place names shimmer with poetry…’

‘Mads Peder Nordbo’s well-drawn characters will help keep readers turning the pages quickly.’

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  • Cold Fear
    ISBN: 9781925774849
    1 October 2019
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