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Raimond Gaita
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Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita was born in Germany in 1946. He is Emeritus Professor of moral philosophy at Kings College London, and a Professorial fellow at the Melbourne Law School and the faculty of Arts of the University of Melbourne.

His books have been published in many translations. They include: Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception, Romulus, My Father, A Common Humanity, The Philosopher’s Dog and Essays on Muslims and Multiculturalism (as editor and contributor). A feature film of Romulus, My Father was released in 2007, and won the AFI award for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Young Actor.

Titles byRaimond Gaita
  • Romulus, My Father
    Romulus, My Father
    Raimond Gaita
  • After Romulus
    After Romulus
    Raimond Gaita
  • Essays on Muslims & Multiculturalism
    Essays on Muslims & Multiculturalism
    Raimond Gaita
  • The Philosopher's Dog
    The Philosopher's Dog
    Raimond Gaita
  • Why The War Was Wrong
    Why The War Was Wrong
    Raimond Gaita
  • A Common Humanity
    A Common Humanity
    Raimond Gaita