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Gerald Murnane
Credit: Ian Hill
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Gerald Murnane

Gerald Murnane was born in Melbourne in 1939. He has been a primary teacher, an editor and a university lecturer. His debut novel, Tamarisk Row (1974), was followed by ten other works of fiction, including The Plains and most recently Border Districts. In 1999 Murnane won the Patrick White Award and in 2009 he won the Melbourne Prize for Literature. He lives in western Victoria.

‘Reading Murnane, one cares less about what is happening in the story and more about what one is thinking about as one reads. The effect of his writing is to induce images in the reader’s own mind, and to hold the reader inside a world in which the reader is at every turn encouraged to turn his or her attention to those fast flocking images.’ New York Times

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Listen to part of Gerald Murnane’s spoken word album, Words in Order on Soundcloud, then order a copy for yourself.

Titles byGerald Murnane
  • A Season on Earth
    A Season on Earth
    Gerald Murnane
  • Something for the Pain
    Something for the Pain
    Gerald Murnane
  • A Lifetime on Clouds
    A Lifetime on Clouds
    Gerald Murnane
  • The Plains
    The Plains
    Gerald Murnane
Introduced byGerald Murnane
  • Selected Poems
    Selected Poems