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Author Talk: John Morrissey on panel at the Newcastle Writers Festival (NSW)

Reimagining Colonial History

At the heart of the recent works of fiction by Sharlene Allsopp, Jane Harrison and John Morrissey lies the question: ‘What if?’ What if history could be rewritten to reflect the truth? What if the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 had turned out differently? What if we could better understand colonialism through the lens of magic realism? In conversation with Kirli Saunders, these authors discuss writing speculative fiction about a nation that largely refuses to acknowledge its past.

In Firelight, the award-winning John Morrissey investigates colonialism and identity without ever losing sight of his characters’ humanity. Brilliantly imagined and masterfully observed, Firelightmarks the debut of a writer we will be reading for decades to come.

This is a free event; no bookings required.

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