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Watch Over Me

Mila is used to being alone. Maybe that’s why she said yes. Yes to a second chance in this remote place, among the flowers and the fog and the crash of waves far below. But she hadn’t known about the ghosts.

Newly graduated from high school, Mila has aged out of the foster-care system. So when she’s offered a job and a place to live on an isolated part of the Californian coast, she immediately accepts. Maybe she will finally find a new home—a real home. The farm is a refuge, but it’s also haunted by the past. And Mila’s own memories are starting to rise to the surface.

Nina LaCour, the award–winning author of We Are Okay, delivers another emotional knockout with Watch Over Me, a modern ghost story about trauma and survival, chosen family and rebirth.


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Nina LaCour
About the Author

Nina LaCour is the award-winning author of four critically acclaimed YA novels: We Are Okay, Hold Still, The Disenchantments and Everything Leads to You. She’s also the co-author of You Know Me Well, written in collaboration with David Levithan. Nina’s novels have been ALA Best Books for Young Adults, and named among the best books of the year...

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29 September 2020
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Praise for Nina LaCour
andWatch Over Me

‘LaCour paints a captivating depiction of loss, bewilderment, and emotional paralysis…raw and beautiful.’

‘A moving portrait of a girl struggling to rebound after everything she’s known has been thrown into disarray.’

‘Beautifully crafted…A quietly moving, potent novel.’

‘This book is so presentient about the times we suddenly find ourselves in that I could feel the presence of my own ghost as I read it. Every sentence is a gift. Nina LaCour writes an enchanted world in which the resonances come from us, from our own need to mend what’s broken inside us. Watch Over Me is a fairytale for who we are now, showing us a way to live in this world.’

‘Gripping; an emotion-packed must-read.’

‘I loved Watch Over Me—such a captivating mix of eerie and emotion, ghosts of the past and dreams for the future. Nina LaCour is a true storyteller.’

‘Brims with tender moments and sensory details.’

‘A painfully compelling gem from a masterful creator’

‘Moving, unsettling, and full of atmospheric beauty’

‘Richly atmospheric and both haunting and hopeful, Watch Over Me is a rewarding novel about a young woman on the brink of a new life.’

Watch Over Me will grip the reader until its powerful conclusion.’

‘Lacour’s skill in creating empathetic characters and exploring their inner feelings will please her teenage fans.’

Watch Over Me has been hanging around in the back of my head ever since I finished it…The way it navigates trauma, loss and queerness is absolutely beautiful…I’m looking forward to reading it again when I feel like having my heart slowly broken and put back together.’

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  • Watch Over Me
    ISBN: 9781925923742
    29 September 2020
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