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The Underwriting

The Underwriting takes you behind closed doors into a world of sex scandals, power plays and shady trading. It’s the dangerous and thrilling place where The Social Network meets The Wolf of Wall Street

Todd Kent is young, hot and on his way to the top of Wall Street when the eccentric founder of Hook, the popular new dating app, handpicks him to lead its float on the stock exchange. Hook has been helping Todd score with women and now it’s going to make him rich.

Todd and his investment banking team—brainy Neha, party-boy Beau and old flame Tara Taylor—race to close the $14 billion deal of the decade. It’s the chance of a lifetime for Tara, too, who sees her opportunity to break through the glass ceiling and justify six years of sacrifices for her career.

But nothing is what it seems in Silicon Valley—and when tragedy strikes, and the sparks fly, there’s no telling who might get burned.


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Michelle Miller
About the Author

Michelle Miller worked at J. P. Morgan’s Private Bank and as a consultant in Palo Alto, New York and Europe before leaving to write The Underwriting. She holds a BA and an MBA from Stanford University, and currently splits her time between New York and her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

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27 May 2015
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Praise for Michelle Miller
andThe Underwriting

‘Michelle Miller’s debut novel reads like a salacious, ripped-from-the headlines tell-all of Manhattan’s young, wealthy, and über-successful…Get ready to settle in-you won’t be able to put down this book.’

The Underwriting rolls out an irresistible tale about those narcissistic characters you read about who ride the waves between Wall Street and Silicon Valley and inflict us all with their dreams of riches and fame.’

The Underwriting offers a tantalizing glimpse into the boardrooms and bedrooms of the young financiers and entrepreneurs behind a Silicon Valley IPO. Both a corporate thriller and an exposé of two generation-defining worlds, I found it both sexy and smart. I was hooked from start to finish.’

‘Reading this book was better than snorting a key bump of Adderall. I hated how much I loved it.' 

The Underwriting is the best one night stand I’ve ever had. Witty, sexy and sharp—I’d definitely call the next day. An authentically-hip novel with razor sharp characters which make it (in banking terms) a STRONG BUY.’

‘Reading this book was such a thrill, I was as sleep deprived as Michelle Miller’s Adderall-fueled characters but having way more fun. Like a digital age Edith Wharton, Miller brilliantly chronicles the clash of cultures between high finance and high tech with perfect intricacy and nuance. Hilarious, exhilarating, and so, so clever, I’d rate The Underwriting a STRONG BUY!’

‘Miller’s debut novel is a seductive romp through the complicated $14 billion IPO of a startup called Hook…A more intricate Devil Wears Prada for the tech generation.’

The Underwriting, in the midst of entertaining the reader, never forgets its real purpose: to puncture entitlement with the nastiest sting in the tail available.’

‘Juicy and compelling.’

‘There was nothing I could fault in this book. The characters were vivid, flawed, carefully crafted; you loved to hate them and even deliriously admired them at times…The plot was fast-moving and fluid; I was carried away with it and thoroughly caught up in the chaos until the final page.’

‘This is The Wolf of Wall Street for the digital age.’

‘Juicy and well written in a fast-moving way…A terrific read.’

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