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The Mask of Destiny

The Mask of Destiny

The Billionaire Series Book 3

Richard Newsome

The police have finally caught the evil murderer Sir Mason Green. The third casket and whatever treasure it contains can remain a secret just as the Fraternity wished. And Gerald can relax and enjoy his billions.

Or can he?

At his trial, Green drops dead in the dock. Forensics show he was poisoned by a dart—and Gerald’s DNA is on the blowgun.

Then a mysterious cat woman steals the ruby, the key to the third casket. A mysterious woman with a store of poison darts, who happens to be Sir Mason Green’s niece, Charlotte.

Now Gerald is on the run, with Ruby and Sam, wanted for murder. Can they beat Charlotte to the ruby casket and prove that she killed Green?

It’s a quest that takes them to caverns beneath the island castle of Mont St Michel in France, locked rooms in the Vatican and the ancient hidden city of Delphi in Greece to discover the secret of the three caskets and the great power they hold.

Richard Newsome
About the Author

Richard Newsome lives in Brisbane with his family. He won the inaugural Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing for The Billionaire’s Curse, the first book in the acclaimed Billionaire series.

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352 pp
Text publication date:
3 October 2011
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adventure, mystery, friendship, wealth
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Praise for Richard Newsome
andThe Mask of Destiny

If your aim is to foster a love of reading, there are a billion good reasons to stock your library with Richard Newsome’s novels.

The Mask of Destiny is the perfect finale to this amazing series from Richard Newsome. The story speeds along like a train out of control and just when you think you know what’s going to happen there’s a twist… If you’ve read the other books in the trilogy you’ll love The Mask of Destiny. If you haven’t discovered this fantastic series full of mystery, action, adventure, family secrets and sinister villains, go straight to your library or bookshop and get reading them now.’ Read the full review here.

‘What most stands out about the story is its rapid pace. The narrative moves along at such a rate that the reader almost becomes breathless trying to keep up. The locations are exotic, further enhancing the fantastical elements of the tale. The twist just before the end keeps the reader guessing right until the dramatic conclusion.’

‘What fun they have as they are chased across Europe by a new villain, Charlotte who is particularly lethal with a blow pipe and a poisoned dart. Great action, witty dialogue and a plot that twists and turns, make this an excellent adventure mystery for primary and intermediate students. I have read all three now but this novel stands on its own for new readers.’

‘This novel draws The Billionaire Trilogy to a satisfying conclusion…The trilogy has a lot to offer middle primary-lower secondary readers. Always entertaining, it draws on a wide range of history, geography and character types familiar from twentieth century popular mystery/adventure tales of the ‘ripping yarns’ kind. The values of friendship, loyalty and justly rewarding those who have helped you are inherent. Highly recommended.’

‘the final book in the Billionaire Trilogy is a terrific story and a great way to sum up all three books. Verdict: a brilliant mystery.‘

‘a rip-roaring romp…Enough slapstick and nail-biting near misses to appeal to the most reluctant of readers.’

‘Pure escapism…Magical writing, sharp dialogue and a plot with more twists and turns than a politician’s speech make this a great read for primary and intermediate children.’

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