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The Arts of Beauty

The Arts of Beauty

Kaz Cooke and Lola Montez

Lola Montez was the greatest show-off on earth. Born in 1818, she was famous for being rowdy, wicked and gorgeous. She travelled to all corners of the earth, seducing royalty, performing sexy dances and throwing tantrums. She drove men mad with a glimpse of her breasts and horsewhipped those who insulted her, including an Australian reporter.

In this smart and hilarious guide to beauty, first published in 1858, Lola Montez offers a bizarre series of hints on everything from make-up to hair disasters. And she has a word or two of indispensable advice for men who want to seduce women.

With her marvellous cartoons and introduction to Lola’s life Kaz Cooke has paid homage to the original Modern Girl. If you’ve ever wondered whether squeezing orange juice into your eyes will brighten them, or tried to charm a girl by peering down her cleavage, The Arts of Beauty is the book for you.

About the Authors

Kaz Cooke was born in Australia in 1962, possibly with flashing grey eyes and a fiery temper, although it’s unlikely. After the failure of her teenage years, she became a cartoonist, author and newspaper columnist. She has eaten chocolate Bavarian pie and, on occasion, been a bit Franz Liszt herself. She has never performed the spider dance.

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3 April 1997
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Praise for Kaz Cooke and Lola Montez
andThe Arts of Beauty

‘Lola Montez, born Eliza Gilbert, was one of the 19th century’s most celebrated 'bad girls’. Her words of wisdom are given a contemporary twist by Kaz Cooke, whose introduction and cartoons capture to perfection Lola’s idiosyncratic style.‘