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Ingrid Laguna

Eleven-year-old Jamila is settling into her new life in Australia, along with Mama, Baba and baby Amir. She still misses her home in Iraq, but she’s happy to have her whole family safe and together again. Jamila and her new best friend, Eva, sing side by side in the choir at school, and have picnics together on the weekend.

One day, Jamila gets some exciting news—her oldest friend from Iraq, Mina, has been granted a visa to come to Melbourne with her family. Jamila can’t wait to see her. She and Eva make a list of all the things they want to show Mina when she gets to Melbourne. But when Mina arrives, things do not go as planned. Mina is tired and anxious all the time, and she and Eva don’t get on.

Jamila feels torn between her two friends, and sad that Mina isn’t the same funny, cheerful person she remembers. Can Jamila be a true friend to Mina, and help her feel happy in her new home?

Ingrid Laguna
About the Author

Ingrid Laguna is a writer, teacher and musician. She lives in Melbourne and has taught English to children and adults from all over the world, many of whom have refugee backgrounds. Sunflower is her third book.

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4 August 2020
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Praise for Ingrid Laguna

‘I loved the story of Jamila and the resilience and bravery of her family. Jamila is a wonderful character, full of courage and heart, who children will relate to and learn from.’

‘A beautiful story full of hope, heartache and love.’

Jamila is a wonderful character and I really loved Songbird…It’s a beautiful, hopeful story about digging deep and helping those around you…a super-great read.’

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