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Dene Walker picked me to be her best friend. She had the whole of Tonsley High’s year eight to choose from—and she chose me. Me!

Tully can’t believe her luck. Dene is famous. Everyone loves her. She has thousands of followers online and hundreds of sponsorship deals. Being best friends with Dene Walker is a dream come true.

Tully is soon hardly aware that her long-time bestie, Kira, exists, as she shapes her own interests and cares to be the person worthy of Dene’s attention. And she’s not prepared for the heartache and confusion when Dene’s friendship is not all she imagined it to be.

Selfie is an engaging and very real exploration of social media and the trickiness of separating what’s real from the glossiness of the online world. It’s a tender story about friendship and staying true to yourself.


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Allayne L. Webster
About the Author

Allayne L. Webster grew up in rural South Australia and now lives in Adelaide. Her books include the CBCA notable novels Paper Planes and A Cardboard Palace, Our Little Secret, The Centre of My Everything, That Thing I Did and Sensitive.

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4 April 2023
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Praise for Allayne L. Webster

‘Social media, teenage fame, and a girl trying to work out where she fits. Loved it.’

‘Webster’s characters, major and minor, are entirely believable.’

‘Webster takes her readers on an authentic teenage journey in Selfie…Young adults can learn a lot about miscommunications, as well as what is truly important in a friendship, from this contemporary story that understands the importance placed upon an online presence in today’s world.’

‘The very modern dilemmas of social media, along with the more timeless trials of adolescent friendship, are at the heart of the latest young adult novel by South Australian author Allayne L. Webster.’

‘Children’s author Allayne Webster’s new book is for younger YA readers, but Selfie tackles a subject many older readers (and probably some adults) could learn from…Written in a relatable teenage voice, Selfie explores the difficulties of navigating the perceived glossy world of social media, teenage friendships and the importance of staying true to yourself.’

‘This tale is ideal for tweens and young teens just starting to explore the online world for themselves.’

‘A book of complex relationships all beautifully explored by author Allayne L. Webster. She shows a genuine understanding of the way social media influences the lives of young people…A wonderful read.’

‘The voice of Tully is relatable and would definitely resonate with many young people who struggle with social media and its pitfalls…Very easy to read.’

‘Allayne Webster has created an authentic teenage narrator’s voice and convincingly depicted the range and intensity of her feelings…Very well written and engaging, Selfie is highly recommended for young adults.’

‘Well-written and interesting, Webster has done a superb job of subtly presenting the pretentious side of social media and the crafty way it steals reality from those easily influenced.’

‘Authentic teenage voice…An engaging and absorbing read, layered with the complexities of family relationships, friendships and the struggles teens face in today’s online world.’

‘Allayne Webster is a charismatic, kinetic writer whose novels crackle with intelligence, humour and warmth. She’s an expert at smuggling moral messages into vibrant, funny narratives that speak authentically to teen readers…I loved this novel, and would recommend it for readers of any age.’

‘A story of positivity and encouragement…A meaningful text and should be part of every young person’s experience in this age.’

‘Teens will instantly connect with this book.’

‘An honest portrayal of the pitfalls of being a teenager and living on social media…A timely reminder that having ‘likes’ online doesn’t reflect true friendship. #must read.’

‘Perfect for readers in Year 6 and 7, Selfie follows Tully as she is swept up in the world of Instagram influencing through the arrival of new girl Dene. There is much that will appeal to upper-middle readers and the discussion around toxic relationships and the ethics of influencing through children is a valuable one.’

‘For the person who loves it when friendships are front and centre.’

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  • Selfie
    ISBN: 9781922791276
    4 April 2023
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