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Rekindling: Your Relationship after Childbirth

Martien Snellen

We all know parenthood brings massive changes. But not every couple is prepared for the impact pregnancy and childbirth can have on their intimate relationship.

Sure, we expect to put sex on hold for a while just before and after the birth, but most of us naively assume that things will eventually return more or less to normal. Unfortunately for many couples it doesn’t work out like that. And although it’s true, as Martien Snellen points out, that no one ever died from lack of sex…Well, sometimes it can make a relationship feel a little bit under the weather.

Dr Martien Snellen is a psychiatrist with an extensive practice in relationship counselling. In this new edition of his immensely well received book (originally released as Sex & Intimacy after Childbirth) he explores the factors that can affect your sex life when you have a new baby. From changes in body image to serious health issues like Postnatal Depression; from divergent levels of interest to just not being able to find the time. And, most importantly, he offers practical suggestions to help get the spark back. For both of you.

This book is a godsend for any new, or newish, parent who thinks their other relationship could do with a little attention too.

Martien Snellen
About the Author

Dr Martien Snellen is a consultant psychiatrist to the parent-infant unit of a major hospital, and has lectured in psychological medicine at Monash University. He lives in Melbourne.

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29 March 2010
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