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Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

This Is Shyness Series, Book Two

Leanne Hall

  • awardShortlisted, Gold Inky Award, 2012
  • The dark is dangerous. So is the past. So are your dreams.

    For six months Nia—Wildgirl—has tried to forget Wolfboy, the mysterious boy she spent one night with in Shyness—the boy who said he’d call but didn’t.

    Then Wolfboy calls. The things he tells her pull her back to the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn’t rise and dreams and reality are difficult to separate. There, Doctor Gregory has seemingly disappeared, the Darkness is changing and Wolfboy’s friend is in trouble. And Nia decides to become Wildgirl once more.

    The sequel to the 2009 Text Prize-winning This Is Shyness is about the difficulty of recreating the past—about how the Darkness no longer sets Wolfboy and Wildgirl free.

    Read Cath Crowley’s brilliant launch speech.

    One of Leanne’s talented fans has created a wonderful illustration of Wolfboy and Wildgirl in Shyness. Have a look and a read of her blog here.

    Leanne Hall
    About the Author

    Leanne Hall is an author of young adult and children’s fiction. Her debut novel, This Is Shyness, won the Text Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Writing, and was followed by a sequel, Queen of the Night. Her novel for younger readers, Iris and the Tiger, won the Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature at the 2017 NSW Premier’s...

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    27 February 2012
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    fantasy, identity, friendship, love
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    Praise for Leanne Hall
    andQueen of the Night

    ‘This inventive read successfully combines elements of contemporary teen lit, dystopian adventures, and The X-Men into a delicate, elliptical, and heartfelt genre all its own.’

    ‘An atmospheric, touching sequel to this Melbourne writer’s debut young adult novel, the multi-award winning This Is Shyness.’

    Queen of the Night is everything fans are hoping of a follow-up to the mad-cap surrealism of This is Shyness. Leanne Hall returns triumphant with her delectable prose and whimsical storytelling, pulling readers back into the darkness to know what happened after Wolfboy and Wildgirl’s not-quite-happily-ever-after.’

    ‘Second novels are notoriously hard to write, especially when, as here, the first novel, This is Shyness, won an award (The Text Prize) and has an eager following. Which makes Queen of the Night a triumph. The writing in this sequel is as beautiful and as mesmerizing, but the plot is stronger and has more substance without losing any of the earlier edginess and wayward imagination.’

    ‘If entering the world of This Is Shyness was like wandering into a darkened hall of mirrors, returning to it in Queen of the Night is like sliding from wakefulness back into a welcome dream. Hall continues to gently twist the seam between fantasy and reality, creating an alternate version of Melbourne that is shaded with the fanciful and strange, the curious and bizarre…If Beatle Meets Destiny was a flirty love note to Melbourne, then Queen of the Night is a kiss blown to this eclectic, secretive city, and a gentle acknowledgement of the hidden worlds it holds within.’

    ‘I absolutely loved this book. Whereas Shyness skewed more toward the fantastic, Queen of the Night is an equal blend of reality and dream, hope and disappointment, light and night. It doesn’t try to recapture the lulling enchantment that was so special about Shyness, but rather walks you back hand-in-hand while fully conscious. And reality? It can be just as magical and unforgettable as a dream. Rating: 5/5 stars.’

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      ISBN: 9781921834875
      27 February 2012
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