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Penny Draws a School Play

The second book in the humorous, heartfelt, highly illustrated series about a girl who doodles to cope with her anxiety, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard.

Halfway through the fifth grade, Penny Lowry is discovering that things are actually going … okay! With her friends Maria, Kristian, and Rocco on her side, and her lovable dog Cosmo, she can make it through anything. And when her anxiety comes back, there’s always her doodling, or talking to Mrs. Hines, the Feelings Teacher. But big change is around the corner: Penny’s family is moving to a new house, her mom is about to give birth to twins, and most stressful of all, she’s been tapped for a role in her class play!

Rolling with life’s surprises isn’t Penny’s strength. But she’s learning … one doodle at a time!


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Sara Shepard
About the Author

Sara Shepard is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars series, The Lying Game series, The Heiresses, The Elizas, The Perfectionists series, and Reputation. She is also the author of the Penny Draws series for middle-grade readers.

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5 September 2023
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Praise for Sara Shepard
andPenny Draws a School Play

‘This book is perfect for everyone!’

‘There are some great strategies embedded within the book that will be helpful to both children and adults…Penny Draws a School Play is another charming, witty and emotionally accessible story to help our middle grade readers process their big worries.’

‘What a joy it is to see books reflecting real people, especially for children…A lovely addition…Those children who are a bit anxious about new things, such as making friends and stepping out of their comfort zone, will find Penny very relatable.’

‘In this warm, insightful, and at times laugh out loud second book in the Penny Draws series, award winning author Sara Shepard takes us along on Penny’s journey through the changes that rekindle her anxiety…The concern and empathy shown for Penny by her friends and family is the wonderful and uplifting thread woven into the story that tugs at the heartstrings of the reader and helps create a deeper understanding of the effects of anxiety.’

‘Oh, how I wish Penny Draws a School Play was around when I was a kid…Just delightful.’

‘This warm-hearted, accessible and witty book is a must-read for children with anxiety and those facing big changes, who will find Penny and her problems very relatable.’

‘A delightful wander into the life of the middle grade reader, with all the particular quirks and shininess this entails…The words and illustrations in this book are perfect…The simple black and white line drawings contain so much character and emotion that they add exponentially to the enjoyment and substance of the book. These images feel a little like poetry, in that they bring a depth of mood and tension with just a few lines. Such wonderful inclusions…Penny is loveable, flawed and utterly delightful…A breath of fresh air.’

‘In turns sweet and hilarious, we adored this series.’

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  • Penny Draws a School Play
    ISBN: 9781922791511
    5 September 2023
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