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No One Will Know

Eve Sylvester is young and broke and needs a job fast. After years of foster homes, backpacking and a sailing trip across the Pacific Ocean, she has lost contact with friends and family. She is alone, desperate—and pregnant.

Then she meets Julia and Christopher Hygate, a charming and glamorous couple, who seem to have the perfect life: loads of money and a breathtakingly beautiful mansion on a remote Tasmanian island. They make her a lucrative offer. Eve can move into their empty summerhouse and take up a very easy job.

Eve thinks she’s fallen on her feet—she has found a home, and her child will grow up in the aptly named Paradise Bay. But some things about the job don’t add up. Why must Eve stay out of sight? Why have the Hygates employed an ex-con to run their yacht-charter business? And what about the mysterious boats sailing in and out of the Hygates’ private marina? Has Eve made a deal with the devil? It’s too late to ask questions. Eve is already in far too deep.

Set against the stunning backdrop of a windswept island and its mysterious lighthouse, No One Will Know is a propulsive, seductive novel of suspense that reveals the terrible consequences of greed, staggering lies and fatal mistakes.

Rose Carlyle
About the Author

Rose Carlyle is a lawyer and keen adventurer. She has crewed on scientific yachting expeditions to subantarctic islands and has sailed with her family from Thailand to South Africa. She is the author of the #1 international bestseller The Girl in the Mirror and lives in Auckland with her three children.

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1 October 2024
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Praise for Rose Carlyle
andNo One Will Know

‘An absolute cracker. I read it in one sitting—literally could not put it down. Rose Carlyle has a real mastery of suspense.’

‘An addictive page-turner set in exotic Tasmania, No One Will Know weaves in the claustrophobic fear of a gripping domestic suspense but then uniquely builds into a terrifying thriller with plot twists that will leave you gasping. It’s engaging, original and I raced through it!’

‘What a wild ride! Suspense readers will love this hugely entertaining novel. The action starts immediately and doesn’t let up till the final page.’

‘An addictive thrill-ride of deceit, desperation and conspiracy, with a shocking twist I didn’t see coming. Welcome to Paradise Bay!’

‘As addictive and intoxicating as the perfect martini. Don’t start reading unless you have cancelled all your plans.’

No One Will Know is a gonzo thrill ride; the audacious Rose Carlyle kept me riveted and guessing, and every time I thought I knew where the devious plot was headed, I was dead wrong. This delightfully twisty and twisted tale is firmly anchored by Eve, a resilient young mother with the deck stacked against her. She won my heart from the opening pages. I loved it and you will, too.’

‘Rose Carlyle’s No One Will Know delivers a knockout punch of twisty plotting, cunning characters, and powerful maternal love. This fast-moving, sly thriller mixes the devious with the delicious as it highlights the reality that some things are too good to be true. Go into this one blind and hold on for the ride.’

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  • No One Will Know
    ISBN: 9781923059092
    1 October 2024
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