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No Angel

No Angel: My Undercover Journey to the Dark Heart of the Hells Angels

Jay Dobyns

Would you go to the gates of Hell for your job?

American Federal Agent Jay ‘Bird’ Dobyns did.For nearly two years, Dobyn’s infiltrated the world’s most notorious biker gang—the Hells Angels.An undercover agent for the US government, Bird left his family behind and immersed himself in the Angels’ seductive web of organised crime, violence and brotherhood. But all along, whether on the open road or in seedy backrooms, he knew that death was only one wrong move away.

This is a wild ride though one of the world’s most violent and unpredictable organisations. No Angel screams along with the noise, power and force of the Hells Angels in full formation.

Jay Dobyns
About the Author

Jay Dobyns, alias Jaybird, joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in 1988 and within ten days was held hostage and shot in the chest. Between 2001 and 2003 he infiltrated the Hells Angels motorcycle club as an undercover agent. He was offered membership into the gang after passing an initiation test involving the murder of a...

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27 June 2011
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Praise for Jay Dobyns
andNo Angel

‘From college athlete to undercover cop, Jay Dobyns played hard. Shot in the chest on one of his early undercover jobs, he survived but didn’t take the hint. Instead, he took the most dangerous assignment in a deadly business…infiltrating the Hells Angels. And lived to tell the tale—a hardboiled, rapid-fire memoir that is tough, tense and terrifying. ‘

‘Compulsively page-turning. A high-velocity trip into a frightening American underworld told in rapid-fire, hard-boiled prose.’

‘If you want to understand the harrowing emotional realities of long-term undercover work, the balls-out courage and insanity of a multi-year infiltration, or just plain read a great story with an original American voice, then buy this book, read it, and wonder at every page if you’d have the stuff to pull it off yourself.’

Get on and hold on tight, because this is a fast and furious ride through the wild side of life…This is not only a tale of meticulous undercover detective work but also a rare and fascinating glimpse inside the secretive world of outlaw bikie gangs. It takes on special significance here given the recent activity of outlaw gangs and the government moves to crack down on them.

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