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Julius and the Soulcatcher

Julius and the Soulcatcher

The Watchmaker Novels, Book Two

Tim Hehir

  • awardShortlisted, Australian Book Design Awards, Children's/YA, 2017
  • It’s 1838 and London is gripped by orchid fever. Charles Darwin’s diary turns up in Higgins’sbookshop, closely followed by two ex-bodysnatchers and a peculiar fellow with small teeth.

    Why do they want the diary? Could it have something to do with the terrifying painting of an orchid it contains? And what about the withered orchid that Emily took home to Mrs Trevelyan’s Academy for Young Ladies?

    Before he knows it Julius is spinning through time and parallel realms in a race to rid London of the soulcatcher and a future too horrible to imagine.

    Julius and the Soulcatcher is a fabulous time-travel adventure full of richly imagined characters and intricately crafted time twists, an exciting sequel to the much-loved Julius and the Watchmaker.

    Tim Hehir
    About the Author

    Tim Hehir is an author of short stories and plays. His short story ‘God Bless Us One and All’ was published by Structo magazine (UK) and his play Pride and Prejudice in 10 Minutes Flat has been performed in various countries and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Hehir is based in Melbourne. Julius and the Watchmaker is his first novel.

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    30 May 2016
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    time-travel, adventure, fantasy, steampunk, friendship, history
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    Praise for Tim Hehir
    andJulius and the Soulcatcher

    ‘The ideas here are complex and fascinating: time-slips and imagination can create other potential worlds and there are rare timepieces that produce a vortex between them. The alternate parallels into which Julius is hurled are rich and scary and strange. Some readers will relish the historical depth, while others will just gulp down the plot, but either way it’s a compelling read. I can’t wait to hand-sell this to young readers…’

    ‘An exciting romp through Time, full of wonderful characters and sinister possibilities.’

    ‘The clever explanation of time travel with its endless possibilities offers a wildly unpredictable ride and, presumably, more adventures are afoot.’

    ‘He self-deprecatingly states he has an old-fashioned style though one would more aptly describe it as timeless…it is a book that has appeal for people of all ages.’

    ‘When the action commences, Hehir’s pacing is perfect.’

    ‘Hehir’s storytelling is clear and has some vivid touches, as when the careful gait of the clockwork men remind Julius of the wading birds on the Thames, or their voices are described as sounding like ball-bearings rolling on a drum skin.’

    ‘This will be a thoroughly absorbing read for 12-year-olds, who can engage as much or as little as they like with the historical detail and lessons in time, while getting swept along in the adventures and fates of Julius, our likeable hero, and his slowly evolving band of friends.’

    ‘Hehir’s steampunk-inspired debut novel is an adventure through time and space…Good, lively fun.’

    ‘The atmosphere of 19th century London is captured credibly in this strange tale, with colourful and captivating characterisations of heroes and villains alike…[a] chilling, labyrinthine sequel.’

    Julius and the Soulcatcher delivers a rich, multilayered narrative with relatable characters, fast-paced action, 19th century technology and designs and unique alternate worlds in this science fiction fantasy.’

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