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First Light

First Light

Rebecca Stead

  • awardLonglisted, Silver Inky Award, 2011
  • Peter is thrilled to be going to Greenland where his father studies climate change. But on the ice cap, Peter is troubled by a series of visions that both frighten and entice him. What is the strange red entwined circle he sees in the ice? Where is his dog trying to lead him?

    Thea has never seen the sun. Her people, suspected of witchcraft and driven almost to extinction, have retreated to a secret world they’ve built deep within an arctic glacier. As Thea dreams of a way back to the surface, Peter’s search for answers takes him to her hidden world.

    And together they unravel a past that reveals a surprising connection.

    Rebecca Stead’s fascinating debut novel is a warm tale of mystery, science and the importance of striving for what you believe in.

    Rebecca Stead
    About the Author

    Rebecca Stead is the author of the children’s novels First Light and the Newbery Medal winner When You Reach Me. She lives in New York with her husband and two children.

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    336 pp
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    28 March 2011
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    friendship, standing up for your beliefs, overcoming hardship
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    Praise for Rebecca Stead
    andFirst Light

    First Light is a fantastic fusion of science, intrigue, and gutsy kid characters who aren’t afraid to uncover the truth. I loved the way Rebecca Stead captured the real-world magic of the icy arctic and melded it to a gripping story.’

    ‘An absolutely gripping story of a hidden world, the secrets between it and ours, and the courageous, determined Peter and Thea, who mean to get answers, no matter what the cost. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it!’

    ‘It is a testament to the storytelling that the existence of this parallel world and the convergence of Peter and Thea’s stories, told in separate chapters, are both credible and absorbing. Young readers will find this a journey worth taking.’

    ‘The setting of Gracehope is beautifully realised and rings true from the opening sentences…First Light is a compelling read for the younger end of the young adult readership.’

    ‘Tapping into her childhood memories has proved to be a fruitful experience for this award-winning author.’ Read full article.

    First Light is the sort of book that is very hard to put down. Once the story gets going, the reader is drawn into a fantastic world of magic, mystery, and the allure of the icy north. It’s obvious this book was written for younger readers, but for the older ones, this will still be a treat. This book relies, not on sheer emotion or heart-stopping action scenes, but on the simple pleasure of a very well told story. The plot is original and refreshing and the characters are very realistic. Highly recommended.’ Full review here.

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    • First Light
      ISBN: 9781921834400
      28 March 2011
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