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Translated by Penny Hueston

Naor, a young filmmaker, is driving with his mother. He tells her about being in Tel Aviv after a recent evacuation.

Everyone else has fled, except for Naor and Yaël, his artist girlfriend, and Saba, his grandfather, who is a writer. The occasional missile explodes nearby. But Saba refuses to leave the place he loves. And Yaël has her own secret aspirations.

In defiance of the war, they scavenge an existence and explore the mysteries of their beloved city—until the unthinkable happens.

In Evacuation, a novel of suspense, a profound tale about our choices under pressure, about love, for each other and for a place, about death, and about finding a way to peace, Raphaël Jerusalmy is at the height of his powers.

Raphaël Jerusalmy
About the Author

Raphaël Jerusalmy holds a degree from the Ecole Normale Superieure and from the Sorbonne. He made his career in the Israeli military intelligence services before moving on to work in the humanitarian and educational fields. He is now an antiquarian book dealer in Tel Aviv. Saving Mozart is his first novel.

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26 February 2018
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acts of resistance, love,
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Praise for Raphaël Jerusalmy

‘In this marvellous book, Raphael Jerusalmy shows us that, despite the destructive madness of men, a few beautiful spirits, angel-poets, will always remain.’


‘Suspenseful and moving.’

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  • Evacuation
    ISBN: 9781925626414
    26 February 2018
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