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Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It

Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It

Maile Meloy

A love-struck young ranch hand, an aging Argentine lover, a trusted confidante who isn’t a friend and two hitchhikers named Bonnie and Clyde.

Caught between opposing forces—fidelity and desire, impulse and security, innocence and experience—Meloy’s unforgettable characters have each reached a fork in the road. But what kind of fool wants it only one way?

These eleven stories are funny, sly and sparkling with energy. Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It is a joyous read.


Travis, B.
Red from Green
Lovely Rita
Spy vs. Spy
The Girlfriend
The Children
O Tannenbaum

Maile Meloy
About the Author

Maile Meloy is the award-winning author of several short-story collections and novels for adults including Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It and Liars and Saints. The After-Room is the third and final novel in the Apothecary series for young adults.

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Text publication date:
3 May 2010
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Praise for Maile Meloy
andBoth Ways is the Only Way I Want It

‘Maile Meloy is a true and rare find—a natural.’

‘Maile Meloy writes with eerie clarity about the way human beings lust for the agents of their own undoing. Beautiful, terrifying writing.’

‘Don’t let the easy accessibility of Maile Meloy’s writing fool you: she’s capable of witchcraft…These 11 stories are quick, powerful jabs, startling in their economy; you’re propelled toward each ending, certain she won’t be able to wrap it up in one more page, and you’re proved wrong every time.’

‘Meloy is such a talented and unpredictable writer that I’m officially joining her fan club; whatever she writes next, I’ll gladly read it.’

‘Maile Meloy cracks at our nagging desire to have it all (the answers, the romance, the payout, and in one case, the late grandmother come back to life) in eleven tightly written, remarkably fluid narratives.’

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