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A Giant’s Trek

Ash isn’t the biggest giant living in Haven-Home. He’s not even as big as his twin brother, Oak, who’s on the path to taking over from their father as village chief one day. Unlike the warriors in his family, Ash wants to learn incantation: the magic of wood, stone, water and fire.

Now that they’re twelve, Ash and Oak must go on a dangerous trek to prove themselves giant warriors, and they must each bring back something with which to defend Haven-Home from the prowling wolves that threaten all who live there.

Will Ash’s quest for incantation serve him well on the trek? Or will it bring even greater danger to Haven-Home?

A Giant’s Trek is a vividly imagined adventure about courage and following your true path.


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Nick Stella
About the Author

Nick Stella lives in Sydney, where he works as a public servant. A Giant’s Trek, which started out as a bedtime story for his children, is his first novel.

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30 May 2023
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Praise for Nick Stella
andA Giant’s Trek

‘An exciting story full of descriptive language and amazing challenges with the reader left wondering what could possibly happen next.’

‘The myriad of strange creatures will engage many readers…We learn that it takes courage to listen to your own voice among the throng of expectations of the village…and also discover that the pen, and in this case the elements, can be mightier than the sword.’

‘A great adventure. Full of fast-paced action, lots of challenges, and with countless lessons and life skills to be learnt before the epic ending.’

‘While this is an adventure first and foremost, one for those who like action on every page, it has a satisfying depth as Ash’s outward trek is mirrored by his inward journey of self-discovery.’

‘It’s okay to be born different, and some people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, so to have a slightly different main character is amazing. A Giant’s Trek is an awesome book. I give it 5/5.’

‘There are themes of family expectation and sibling rivalry, but the reader is gently shown that how a child perceives their parent is not always the truth. The descriptive writing means the landscape and obstacles are evoked vividly, so the reader is immersed in the quest.’

‘A wonderful story of fighting against great odds while remaining true to yourself and your gifts.’

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