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The city authorities have abandoned the D-Zone as damaged beyond repair. It’s a no-go area where ongoing earthquakes threaten to destroy what’s left. But Jonah and Bas and everyone else trying to survive in the devastation there can’t leave—they’re ‘illegals’, without citizenship, without rights.

Jonah can see the quakes—before the ground shudders and grinds, before the buildings fall. Glimpsing is a rare ability and a great survival asset. It has attracted the attention of the entertainment company GlimpseCorp and the cult movement People for a New Nation. Both are desperate to control and cash in on this remarkable power.

When Bas joins People for a New Nation and disappears, Jonah knows his friend is in great danger. And he knows that GlimpseCorp, with its reality TV program, offers a way to save him—and a way to bring new hope to the people of the D-Zone.

But Jonah’s plan puts everything, including his own life, at risk.

Glimpse is a compelling adventure, an intriguing story of conflict, power, manipulation, love and friendship, set in richly imagined world that is in many ways very much like our own.


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Jane Higgins
About the Author

Jane Higgins won the 2010 Text Prize for her debut novel The Bridge. She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Glimpse, her third novel for young adults, draws on her experience of the 2010–12 earthquakes, which killed 185 people and caused major damage to the city.

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2 May 2023
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Praise for Jane Higgins

‘A brilliant novel with echoes of John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids, its young protagonists show heart in a world of despair.’

‘Higgins threads the turns and twists of chaotic times with a sure hand…Higgins’ control of the development of her characters is admirable.’

‘Winner of the Text Prize, this is a powerful dystopian adventure about questioning authority, the complexities of war and enduring bonds.’

Havoc is urgent, moving and believable.’

‘An outstanding teenage novel…World class.’

‘Brilliantly wrought story, the characterisation is subtle and nuanced, the moral underpinnings of the story are really something else…So moving…I burst into tears while I was reading it, it’s really beautifully done.’

‘An ideal introduction to dystopian fiction for young teens…Engaging, thoughtful and elegantly written.’

‘A fascinating and fast-paced story of conflict and power, manipulation and society, set in a richly imagined world…Glimpse is another fire cracker from an author who draws inspiration from the real world to tell thrilling stories that will captivate readers.’

‘An exciting adventure.’

‘Another memorable title, another stunning cover, and a truly audacious concept, grounded in reality…A standalone tribute to the community of [Jane Higgins’] beloved Ōtautahi.’

‘If you are looking for a brilliant, fast-paced and riveting read, here it is…Generous in complex themes, the brilliant prose leads the reader through issues of detention camps, illegal migrants, gang warfare and specifically, strength and survival…The best book I’ve read this year.’

‘Highly recommended.’

‘This dystopian, cli-fi novel is packed with action…Some of the themes that weave through the story include family, friendship, self-esteem, grief and accepting change.’

‘Higgins crafts a cast of diverse and compelling characters, their witty exchanges and unwavering camaraderie tugging at the reader’s heartstrings…This unique novel is an enthralling exploration of a world defined by its vulnerabilities and strengths, as well as the indomitable spirit of those who challenge the injustices. Glimpse is a clever and powerful novel.’

Glimpse is a novel that demonstrates conflict between loyalty and freedom of life. The Demolition Zone is full of action, clashing loyalties and lies. This book is perfect for people who like conspiracies and crime, mixed with a bit of sci-fi.’

‘An audacious concept, grounded in reality.’

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