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Sometimes you’ve got to fight
for what you love…

The sleepy coastal village of Bimbulla is nestled between rugged mountains and sparkling waters. Each winter, research scientist Digby Stuart waits for the wandering albatross to break its journey en route to the Antarctic, and to continue his studies of these majestic nomads.

This year, though, discoveries are made that hint at sinister secrets from the past. And there are more immediate, pressing problems—greedy locals want to transform the town into a major tourist spot, natural habitats are fast disappearing, kids are running wild and the woman Dig loves is bewitched by another man. Suddenly life in Bim is anything but simple.

James Woodford
About the Author

James Woodford is a science and environment writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 1996 he won the Eureka Prize for environmental journalism, and was awarded the prestigious Michael Daley prize for science journalism in 1996 and 1997. His hugely entertaining book on wombats, The Secret Life of Wombats, won the Royal Zoological Society of NSW...

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Text publication date:
2 July 2007
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