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The Wind From the East

The Wind From the East

Almudena Grandes

Translated by Sonia Soto

Sara Gómez watches from behind clattering shutters as her new neighbours arrive. Here is a tall dark man; with him a little girl, long-legged and coltish. And a bald man who walks like a clumsy puppet, tilting his open-mouthed face to look at the sky. Do they seem strange, these newcomers? Sara suspects that on a still day, a sunny day good for the beach, they would not.

But Juan Olmedo has his reasons for fleeing the city to re-establish himself in this mundane seaside suburb. A tragedy in his family’s past. A secret sexual obsession that threatens the fragile equilibrium he cherishes.

And Sara too is an exile. Given up as a baby to her mother’s childless employer, she has found herself caught between pleasure and duty—shamed before her true family; repelled by their poverty. Sara has more money than she ever dreamed of, but her freedom has come at a price.

And now the lives of these two people will intersect. Blown together as if by the capricious winds that scour the coast, they will be tumbled between fortune and adversity.

Almudena Grandes
About the Author

Almudena Grandes is one of Spain’s top-selling authors. Her first book, The Ages of Lulu, sold over a million copies worldwide and was translated into 21 languages. She has won several prizes including the Crisol Readers Prize which is awarded directly by customers’ votes. Film adaptations have been made from two of her novels.

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Text publication date:
3 July 2006
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Praise for Almudena Grandes
andThe Wind From the East

‘This big, juicy saga is perfect for chilly nights. Thrilling and toe-curling in equal measure…’

‘Grandes has drawn complex and engaging characters, creating a languid world which also is fraught with tension and mystery in a book with which one quietly falls in love.’

‘This magnificent saga of shipwrecked lives grips from the first sentence and weaves parallel intrigues of memory and survival, money and revenge, resolved only in the closing pages…Here, she has perfected her ability to leap between stories and epochs.’

The Wind from the East promises a lot of bang for your buck. It is also by one of Spain’s most successful, and notorious writers…this is a big novel designed to fill a Spanish summer…Grandes never lets the pace slacken, combining a cracking story with convincing characterisation and good detail.‘

‘[A] classy blockbuster—a layered saga of family life, rivalry and redemption…an interesting alternative to the homegrown bestseller market. As a study of obsessive passions and climatic conditions, it makes for a sweeping beach read.‘

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