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Griffith REVIEW 45

Griffith REVIEW 45: The Way We Work

Griffith Review, Book Forty-five

Julianne Schultz

The way we work has changed profoundly in recent years. This timely edition of the multi-award-winning Griffith REVIEW explores the extraordinary structural changes triggered by globalisation, the internet and the collapse of unions. Job security is a thing of the past—many welcome the flexibility of the new environment while others find it hard to adjust. The Way We Work features stories from the coalface of work—traditional and non-traditional jobs described with insight, flair and passion.

Contributors include Ashley Hay, Rebecca Huntley, Gideon Haigh, Peter Mares, Kathy Marks, Craig McGregor, David Peetz and more.

Julianne Schultz
About the Author

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review, the award-winning literary and public affairs quarterly journal.

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23 July 2014
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Praise for Julianne Schultz
andGriffith REVIEW 45

‘The best literary journal in Australia.’

‘As engaging as it is prescient.’

‘Fresh and intelligent.’

‘A timely and insightful read, and the calibre of writers is impressive.’

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  • Griffith REVIEW 45
    ISBN: 9781922212146
    23 July 2014
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