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The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

Susan Bordo

The result of the 2016 presidential election was widely thought to be a foregone conclusion: a historic victory for an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced and admired candidate against an opponent seen as not just unelectable but unfit for office.

As we know, it didn’t work out like that. So how did Hillary Clinton lose? How did she come to be seen as a tool of the establishment, a chronic liar and a talentless politician?

In this masterful narrative of the 2016 campaign year, Susan Bordo unpacks the right-wing assault on Clinton and her reputation, the way she provoked the suspicion and indifference of a younger generation, and the unprecedented influence of the media.

Urgent, insightful, and engrossing, The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an essential guide to understanding the most controversial presidential election in American history.

About the Author

Dr Susan Bordo holds the Otis A. Singletary Chair in the Humanities at the University of Kentucky, where she is a professor of Gender and Women’s Studies. She is an author of a number of seminal books on feminist theory, including the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture and the Body, The Male Body: A New Look at...

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3 April 2017
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Praise for Susan Bordo
andThe Destruction of Hillary Clinton

‘One of the most incisive social critics working today—and one of the best writers, too. Whether she’s dissecting Lolita, movie and book, or Marlon Brando, 50s icon and symbol of masculinity, she’s never predictable and often profound.’

‘To read Susan Bordo is to take a wild ride through the cultural images that form our daily lives, and to see them with a startling X-ray vision that reveals their blood and guts and bones, a vision that reveals us, finally, to ourselves.’

‘With an almost chatty style, but also possessing a subtle power, her book transforms our habitual understanding of movies, advertisements, novels, and even trends and toys…Bordo’s talent for reading culture presents us with the most valuable gift: a newly configured imagination.’

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  • The Destruction of Hillary Clinton
    ISBN: 9781925626209
    3 April 2017
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