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The Chaser Annual 2009

The Chaser Annual 2009

The Chaser

Despite the demands of successful ventures in stage, screen and their own richly rewarding fantasy lives, the Chaser team have found time to put together a new Annual.

As always, it will cause controversy. Critics will certainly wonder how grown men can continue to churn out offensive undergraduate claptrap at their age. But, as millions have discovered over the years, no one can really understand current events, politics, popular culture or indeed anything else without a Chaser Annual at hand to help them appreciate its inherent stupidity.

The Chaser Annual is not just a good laugh and an essential aid to informed discourse. It’s a fantastic way to pass the time during a difficult bowel movement, and makes a perfect gift for someone you don’t know.

The Chaser
About the Author

The Chaser was founded in 1999 as a fortnightly satirical newspaper produced out of a spare bedroom by a group of four university friends. From those humble beginnings, the Chaser team has gone on to produce cutting-edge satire in all media, including print, online, radio, television and Christmas crackers. Now a household name, their hilarious...

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160 pp
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26 October 2009
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Praise for The Chaser
andThe Chaser Annual 2009

‘Devastatingly accurate and comprehensively indiscriminate. Something to insult everyone!’

The Chaser Annual is a good Christmas present for a teenager. You’ll earn major hip-ness points. Plus if you borrow it discreetly and take it somewhere private to read, you’ll get a good laugh without loss of dignity.’