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Lion's Honey

Lion’s Honey: The Myth of Samson

Text Myth Series

David Grossman

Translated by Stuart Schoffman

Out of the eater came something to eat.
Out of the strong came something sweet.

With this riddle Samson poses the even greater puzzle of why a strong and powerful young man should choose to impress, or confound, his peers with a brainteaser they can’t possibly answer, rather than a demonstration of his unique strength.

Grossman finds many contradictions in Samson’s singular personality; with his twenty-first-century perspective on this ancient tale, he shows us how Samson and his people, and all their strife over strength, power and love are as relevant now as they were when lions prowled the promised land.

David Grossman
About the Author

David Grossman is one of Israel’s leading writers. His award-winning novels include See Under: Love, The Book of Intimate Grammar and The Zigzag Kid, and two powerful accounts of his encounters with Palestinians, The Yellow Wind and Sleeping on a Wire, as well as a number of children’s books and a play.

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Text publication date:
5 June 2006
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Praise for David Grossman
andLion’s Honey

‘A writer of passionate honesty, unafraid to ask terrible questions.’

‘A writer who has been one of the most original and talented not only in his own country but anywhere.’