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Translated by Carol Brown Janeway

‘A cool, patient voice that draws the reader in. Von Schirach…has the talent to dazzle.’ New York Times Book Review 

A private boys’ school that harbours a gang of teenage exorcists. A drug deal that goes bizarrely awry when a dog gets involved. A couple who like to swing – until one partner hits the wall. A brutal gang rape whose perpetrators are known but cannot be convicted. Crimes, bad decisions, accidents and breaking points; acts of savagery, betrayal and self-sacrifice. 

In these stories Ferdinand von Schirach, one of Germany’s most prominent defence lawyers, presents the case for human fallibility. Calmly, rationally, he reveals to us the weave of circumstance that may trap our fellow citizen in his, or her, destiny. In doing so he shows us the criminal in ourselves.

Ferdinand von Schirach
About the Author

Ferdinand von Schirach was born in Munich in 1964. Since 1994 he has practised criminal law in Berlin. Crime became an instant bestseller in Germany. It will be published in thirty countries around the world, and is being made into a film.

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30 January 2012
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