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Griffith REVIEW 38

Griffith REVIEW 38: Annual fiction edition, the novella project

Griffith Review, Book Thirty-eight

Julianne Schultz

The Novella Project revives one of the richest and most rewarding literary forms. Novellas – longer than a short story, shorter than a novel – have come into their own, with the digital publishing revolution providing new opportunities for writers to experiment with longer stories that are intense, detailed, often grounded in the times, and perfectly designed for busy people to read in one sitting.

This edition features six stories picked by a panel of judges from more than two hundred entries. Mary-Rose MacColl explores the rippling consequences of a single moment of distraction; Lyndel Caffrey poignantly recreates the bleak Melbourne winter of 1923; and Katerina Cosgrove combines a portrait of strife-torn Greece with a tale of tortured love.

Ed Wright tells the tragic story of a spirited teenager torn between love and duty in wartime Japan; Christine Kearney embraces the complexities of the mythic and contemporary reality of life in East Timor; and Jim Hearn cooks up a challenging and gritty tale of a junkie in trouble.

The Novella Project
marks the beginning of an ongoing project, developed in collaboration with the Copyright Agency Limited’s Cultural Fund, which we hope will help foster a new golden age for the novella with an antipodean perspective.

Novella Project Judging Panel:
Craig Munro
Estelle Tang
Julienne van Loon

Julianne Schultz
About the Author

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review, the award-winning literary and public affairs quarterly journal.

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Text publication date:
24 October 2012
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Praise for Julianne Schultz
andGriffith REVIEW 38

‘Each story is so memorable in its own way…lots to love here.’

‘The quality of works by authors such as Ed Wright, Lyndel Caffrey and Christine Kearney is gratifyingly high, and the subject matter of their contributions thrillingly wide-ranging. It is a if the shift in length permits a concomitant freedom of approach, a liberation from the novel’s long established dogmas.’

‘One of Australia’s cultural treasures.’

Griffith REVIEW is the best literary journal in the country.’

‘Of all the small magazines in this country, Griffith REVIEW is the one that’s essential reading.’

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    ISBN: 9780987164896
    24 October 2012
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