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Griffith Review 35

Griffith Review 35: Surviving

Julianne Schultz

At times it feels like we are unwilling participants in a never-ending disaster movie, buffeted by natural catastrophe, war, economic collapse, social implosion and private trauma. But behind the shocking headlines, official inquiries and memorial ceremonies there are many stories of renewal and hope, of survivors who pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives and their communities.

The brilliant writing in this edition of Griffith Review takes you on a remarkable journey. The authors capture extraordinary battles and random brushes with fate—and live to tell the tale. And though surviving is a personal quest, there is also an opportunity to learn how to be better prepared: to adapt, survive, even thrive after disaster subsides.

Surviving features new pieces by some of Australia’s leading authors, including Matthew Condon, Sophie Cunningham, David Francis, Michael Gawenda, Tom Griffiths, Ashley Hay, Lloyd Jones, Ian Lowe and Kathy Marks.

Julianne Schultz
About the Author

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review, the award-winning literary and public affairs quarterly journal.

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264 pp
Text publication date:
30 January 2012
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Praise for Julianne Schultz
andGriffith Review 35

‘The best literary journal in Australia turns its collective mind to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and bushfire in this topical compendium of essays, reportage and fiction.’

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    ISBN: 9780987164834
    30 January 2012
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