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Griffith Review 28

Griffith Review 28: Still the Lucky Country?

Julianne Schultz

Australia’s good fortune seems inexhaustible. Is it a product of luck, or of initiative and good governance? Is Australia still the lucky country? This edition of Griffith Review explores Australia now—the sources of power, influence and fragility.

Since settlement Australia has responded with remarkable agility to changing patterns of global trade. As the economic balance of power shifts in the Asia Pacific region and world leaders consider the new carbonless economy, change is inevitable—what do we want Australia to be like in this new world? How will the relationship between the city and the country change when mining leases in remote areas are the unequivocal source of national wealth?

It is time to again learn from the past in plotting new ways of dealing with the future—in terms of governance, trade, social relations, population and the environment.

Julianne Schultz
About the Author

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review, the award-winning literary and public affairs quarterly journal.

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256 pp
Text publication date:
3 May 2010
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