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Free Fall

Free Fall: A Sniper’s Story

Nicolai Lilin

Translated by Jamie Richards

A unique and remarkable war memoir by an internationally acclaimed author.

Free Fall is a devastating account of the Second Chechen War, told through the eyes of a young Russian soldier. Nicolai Lilin was conscripted and then trained as a sniper in an unorthodox Russian Special Forces regiment called the Saboteurs.

Together, this elite band of men, which operated outside traditional military codes, fought their way through multiple assignments, including guerrilla warfare in inhospitable mountainous terrain and intense hand-to-hand fighting in urban areas. Along the way, they faced mercenary fighters, anti-personnel mines and torture of the most extreme kind.

Both an immediate sequel to the author’s previous book, Siberian Education, and a superb stand-alone story in its own right, Free Fall offers a unique perspective on one of the most controversial wars in living memory. Lilin writes with honesty and extreme cynicism, and with a sharp eye for the banality of evil. It is an unflinching, unforgiving and unputdownable read.

Nicolai Lilin
About the Author

Nicolai Lilin was born in 1981 and grew up in the small republic of Transnistria, which declared its independence in 1990 but has never been recognised. Lilin left home to fight in the Russian army against the Chechens. Lilin later lived in Ireland, before moving to Italy, where he works as a tattooist in Turin.

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1 August 2011
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    ISBN: 9781921834745
    1 August 2011
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