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Griffith REVIEW 44

Griffith REVIEW 44: Cultural Solutions

Griffith Review, Book Forty-four

Julianne Schultz

Intractable social problems persist despite legal sanctions and economic incentives. It is time to try a new approach. The answer may lay in culture – using creativity, story telling and community engagement to motivate and inspire.

Cultural Solutions documents the great success stories of lives and communities transformed. It explores new ways of belonging, building social capital and bringing pleasure and joy to lives and creating public value. Design, heritage, storytelling, participation and performance are the essential tools that may solve intractable problems. Griffith REVIEW brings the stories from the creative frontlines of this new world to life in edition 44.

Julianne Schultz
About the Author

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review, the award-winning literary and public affairs quarterly journal.

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23 April 2014
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Praise for Julianne Schultz
andGriffith REVIEW 44

‘The best literary journal in Australia.’

‘As engaging as it is prescient.’

‘Fresh and intelligent.’

‘Griffith REVIEW is Australia’s leading literary journal.’

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  • Griffith REVIEW 44
    ISBN: 9781922212030
    23 April 2014
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