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Darrell Pitt
Credit: James Penlidis
High resolution colour portraituser
Darrell Pitt

Darrell Pitt began his lifelong appreciation of Victorian literature when he read the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, quickly moving on to H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. This early reading led to a love of comics, science fiction and all things geeky. Darrell is now married with one daughter. He lives in Melbourne.

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Titles byDarrell Pitt
  • Balloon Girls
    Balloon Girls
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Boy from Earth
    The Boy from Earth
    Darrell Pitt
  • A Toaster on Mars
    A Toaster on Mars
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Lost Sword
    The Lost Sword
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Monster Within
    The Monster Within
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Broken Sun
    The Broken Sun
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Secret Abyss
    The Secret Abyss
    Darrell Pitt
  • The Firebird Mystery
    The Firebird Mystery
    Darrell Pitt